Latin Chant Mass

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Latin Mass will be again be on hiatus during July and August this summer. The last Mass before the break will be on Saturday, June 24. It will return in the fall on Saturday, September 2 as our regular Vigil Mass, celebrated every Saturday at 5pm.

The Latin Mass

At 5:00 p.m. every Saturday, amid the sweet smell of incense, the ancient and serene tones of Gregorian chant can be heard at Church of the Advent in their original context: a Latin Mass. The Latin Eucharist at Church of the Advent provides a contemplative alternative to the more active styles of worship which have been emphasized in the Episcopal Church in recent decades, and also continues a little-known strand of Anglican tradition. In addition to the vernacular Prayer Book adopted by the Anglican Church at the Reformation, the use of Latin continued in various places, especially Oxford University. The Elizabethan Book of Common Prayer appeared in a Latin edition in 1560, and Latin versions of the prayer book continued to be produced up until the nineteenth century. The Mass at Church of the Advent provides a truly Anglican via media, with the readings, sermon, and intercessions in English, while all the other prayers and the traditional psalm and scripture verses (the “minor propers”) are sung in Latin.