The Orb | Announcements for Sunday, May 14, 2017 - Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Orb

Weekley Announcements of

Church of the Advent of Christ the King

An inclusive parish of the Episcopal Church in the Anglo-Catholic tradition

261 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 431-0454

Sunday, May 14, 2017 - Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Fifth Sunday of Easter

Welcome to all our visitors & newcomers.
Please sign our guest book and join us after Mass for refreshments in Lathrop Hall and Hardcastle Garden. If you are new, please make yourself known to the clergy and the greeters.


Sunday, 14 May

  Low Mass at 8:30am (Episcopal Sanctuary) & 9am

  & High Mass, 11am


Monday, 15 May, Paschal Feria

  Evening Prayer at 6pm & Low Mass at 6:30pm


Tuesday, 16 May, Paschal Feria

  Evening Prayer at 6pm & Low Mass at 6:30pm


Wednesday, 17 May, Paschal Feria

  Low Mass at 8:00am

  Evening Prayer at 6pm & Low Mass at 6:30pm


Thursday, 18 May, Paschal Feria

  Evening Prayer at 6pm & Low Mass at 6:30pm


Friday, 19 May

  Comm. of Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, 988

  Abstinence dispensed. Alleluia!

  Evening Prayer at 6pm & Low Mass at 6:30pm


Saturday, 20 May

  Comm. of Alcuin, Deacon and Abbot, 804

  Latin Chant Mass at 5pm

Celebrating Anniversaries This Week

14 May…Ron Eaton (birthday)

14 May…Geoffrey Glaser + (reception)

14 May…Jean Wright (birthday)

17 May…Mary Hudak + (baptism)

17 May…Ler Nelson (baptism)

18 May…Mark Eriksson (confirmation)

18 May…John Klopacz (birthday)

19 May…Bob Kramish (birthday)

19 May…Louis Newton + (birthday)

19 May...Pamela Vaughn (birthday)

20 May…Mark Stanger + (reception)

Volunteer Opportunities

In two weeks’ time, on Monday, May 29 we will have our annual Memorial Day Church of the Advent Community Picnic: Join us in feeding our neighbors in need. Volunteers should arrive at 10am to help set up or serve the meal. Donations are welcome to help offset the cost of feeding nearly 100 guests (make checks payable to Church of the Advent, earmarked “Community Picnic”).


Donations are sought to cover the cost of Schola Adventus singing for High Mass marking the Ascension, May 25, at 6:30 p.m. All gifts may be designated "in thanksgiving" or “in memory” of a loved one. $200.00 is needed for the music at mass; donations in any amount are most welcome, and will be acknowledged in the bulletin. If able to help, please see Paul Ellison or contact at

Last Sunday's Offering
Plate Offering, $55.00; Pledge Offering, $945.00
Last Sunday's Attendance

Hospitality for Reception after High Mass:

Hosted by James Hamilton, John Porter & Tom Veitch


Today's readings will be

Acts 7:55-60; 1 Peter 2:2-10; John 14:1-14.

General Announcements

Loving Stones By Father Paul Allick

Saint Stephen was one of the first deacons of the Church. He was also the first martyr (Acts 2). Today the word “martyr” makes us think of someone who died for their faith or, more colloquially, someone who suffers needlessly for others. In Greek, the word martyr simply means a witness. Saint Stephen cannot deny his testimony about Jesus Christ. For this he will be executed by stoning. As he awaits the bludgeoning by stones he sees a vision of the Lord. He is filled with the Holy Spirit and hands his spirit over to God. He prays the Lord to forgive his executioners. Everyone who is baptized in Christ is called to be a witness. Each of us is called to a martyrdom wherein we seek the glory of God above all else. We are called to the difficult task of ongoing reconciliation. A faith community is called together as a house of martyrs. Each of us is a living stone built together as one. We are anchored upon our cornerstone Jesus Christ. Each of us is needed to keep the spiritual house on a good foundation. We keep the foundation strong by being solid stones. We become solid stones by asking Jesus to transform us from people who throw stones into living stones grounded in the foundation of Christ’s love. We become an effective and multiplying spiritual house by gathering as often as possible for prayer and worship. We come to this altar not for pardon only but also to be rejuvenated for our mission in the world.


Sunday Confession: Heard by Fr. Alex Martin this Sunday, May 14 at 10:30am and Fr. John Porter next Sunday, May 21 at 10:30am.


A Parish Meeting has been called today, Sunday, May 14 after the 11am High Mass. This Parish Meeting will be an informational meeting updating the parish on the status of our budget. Your participation is strongly encouraged.


Advent's mission involves offering daily Mass. In our Parish Profile we were clear that this was a top priority for us. I am so grateful that we have restored this tradition and I treasure our weeknight Evening Prayer and Mass. This is why I'd like to see more participation. We are averaging 3.7 in attendance. This includes the celebrant and the acolyte when one is present. We need regular, committed attendees to ensure this ministry is attractive to the visitor and that we are a living symbol for Jesus in our neighborhood. If you are able to attend one of these evenings regularly as a spiritual devotion or would be willing to serve as an acolyte please let Fr Paul know.


Next Sunday is Bay-to-Breakers: For getting to Advent on Sunday, May 21, plan around the Bay-to-Breakers Race, which will block and disrupt traffic in Hayes Valley.


The Visitation Wednesday, May 31, following Mass at 6:30 supper and book discussion sponsored by the Regina Coeli Cell of the Society of our Lady of Walsingham, The book is Mary As the Early Christians Knew Her: The Mother of Jesus in Three Ancient Texts by Frederica Mathewes-Green. For more information on that event, please see the Walsingham page (under Ministries) on our website or contact Michael Stroup at


Next Sunday's readings will be

Acts 17:22-31; 1 Peter 3:13-22; John 14:15-21.


Reflection Corner

Remember your mother today, be she among the quick or the dead:


Almighty God, you who keep us under your wings like a mother hen: Bless our mothers, who, through travail and joy, have brought us into this world, that they may be sustained by your mothering presence and grow from hope to glory as your beloved children; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.